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Who are we?

In April 2019, Maskin Konsulenten AS was formed. After having
worked in the rental industry for many years, I saw a need to simplify the process for the customer when renting machines and equipment. We identified a need for change, one that benefits you as a customer. It should not be a time consuming process to get machines for your projects, it should be easy!

Therefore, I wanted to gather all partners under one name (Maskin Konsulenten) so that customers only need to deal with one supplier for the rest of the country. Arrange a meeting with me today, and I will go deeper into the benefits or scroll down for more details.

Our Businessmodel

As an independent supplier broker that is not tied to a geographical area, we will be able to offer customers a greater degree of flexibility and use machines that are close to the location of their projects. In this way, it will be possible to reduce the costs on transportation, and increase delivery efficiency. When you need to rent machines, you are often on unfamiliar terrain, and do not know who in the district can offer the best machine park at the best possible price. By using Maskin Konsulenten, you will avoid spending unnecessary time by locating landlords, creating user agreements, obtaining offers and negotiating the best agreement.

We provide machines based on YOUR projects and YOUR needs.

Our company philosophy is to simplify your everyday life - Time is money! After many years in the industry, we have built up good and solid partners in the rental sector and have a broad customer portfolio. This is how we are in a position to negotiate the good agreements that benefit you as a customer!